WHEN:    6th of July  02:00 PM

WHERE:     TU Delft Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Kluyverweg 1, 2629 HS Delft


Workshop @ISU SSP18

14h Start of workshop , goals, round table introductions
14h10  Piero Messina MoonVillage concept and initiative
14h30  Bernard  Foing Recent and upcoming lunar missions, EuroMoonmars research, technology and field campaigns
15h00   Germaine van der Sanden  & Anna Sitnikova (VU Amsterdam, KABK, ILEWG & ESTEC): Some examples of young professionals research/outreach projects supporting the Moon Village
15h15   Formation of workshop splinter groups
A) Precursor technology and lunar missions  (moderator B Foing + S. Papais)
B) Sustainable Moon Habitat Design (moderator G. van der Sanden)
C) Stakeholders engagement (moderator P. Messina )
D) Outreach and bridging with arts and humanities  (moderator A. Sitnikova)

17h00 reports from splinter groups and discussion
17h30- 18h00  discussion of follow -up projects