WHEN:    10th of September  12:15 PM

WHERE:     Iceland University of the Arts, Aðalskrifstofa · Þverholti 11, 5. hæð · 105 Reykjavík


Iceland Moon Gallery workshop

Bernard Foing (astrophysicist) – EuroMoonMars: research , analogue simulations and Artscience opportunities Bernard Foing is senior advisor to ESA DG and space astrophysicist. He served as lead project scientist for SMART-1, has been Co-I of SOHO, XMM, Mars Express, COROT, EXPOSE ISS, ExoMars, PI manager for ExoGeoLab, ExoHab, EuroMoonMars projects, and director for ILEWG. For his PhD in Astrophysics and Space Techniques, he used an UV telescope on a sounding rocket (LPSP-SacPeak-Lockheed- Boulder-Harvard). He worked as astronomer for the European Southern Observatory (ESO Chile), as space astrophysicist at CNRS before joining ESA ESTEC, and as Professor of Physics, Astrophysics, Earth, Planetary & Space sciences in France, FloridaTec & VU Amsterdam.

Alexander Zaklysnky (artist) – Moon Gallery
“I am an audio-visual Artist and Sculptor. Breaking the two and three dimensional fields of traditional art into the fourth dimension is a primary drive in my creative process. Infusing these fields with aesthetic resonance is the goal. Expression, abstraction, representation and spatialism converge in my work through meditative explorations of perspective, colour and structure. My work navigates the contemporary landscape establishing platforms from which to gain new perspectives.”

Anna Sitnikova (artist) – Art Moon Mars & Origami for Moon Mars Architecture
“Hostile and gentle at the same time – space inspires my designs as the ultimate architectural space, where gravity doesn’t limit structural possibilities and axes infinitely expand. I specialize in developing smart materials, three-dimensional, expandable and interactive structures. In collaboration with textile architect Studio Samira Boon we are implementing origami structures into the digital weaving process. We’re creating and digitalizing various origami patterns for MoonMars architectural applications.

Marc Heemskerk (geologist) – Martian and Lunar soils as Building Blocks
“I am a Bachelors (undergrad) student at the VU Amsterdam in Geology and Geochemistry. I’ve had a lifelong dream of people skipping around on the lunar or Martian surface – may that be me or someone else – and I would like to help first-handedly to achieve that goal.
My project is about the building of concrete/mortar from lunar and Martian (simulant) soils, to test which kinds of soils are the best to use (in terms of compressive, tensile, and point strength, compressional durability, radio-isolation, and abundance).”

Benjamin Pothier (artist) – “Extreme Arts Expeditions and Astronaut Trainings, a case study”
Mr Benjamin Pothier is an Artist/Researcher/Explorer, a PhD Candidate Planetary Collegium (Plymouth University, UK), an elected Explorers Club (NYC) Fellow International and Expeditions Director E2 for 7L Global a Luxury techwear International company.