WHEN:    13th of July  06:00 PM

WHERE:     Museumplein,1071 DJ Amsterdam


On the Moon Again!

In July 1969, 600 million people, on all continents, followed the first step of a man on the moon. 50 years later, we have the urge to experience this enthusiasm for the moon in a global, universal movement that transcends all borders. We join the event On the Moon Again on July 13, 2019 and invite passersby to observe the moon and share the wonder.
On the occasion of On the Moon Again event we want to meet up with Moon Gallery artists and friends, give updates on the past events and discuss future plans. We will deploy Moon Gallery plate on ILEWG *lander, which just arrived from IGLUNA** campaign.
Join us for Moon Gallery meet up, astronomy & moon-tinis, accompanied by Star Wars music.

*ILEWG, The International Lunar Exploration Working Group is a public forum sponsored by the world’s space agencies to support “international cooperation towards a world strategy for the exploration and utilization of the Moon – our natural satellite” (International Lunar Workshop, Beatenberg (CH), June 1994).

**IGLUNA, the first ESA_Lab demonstrator project, organized by Swiss Space Center – to build a Habitat in Ice at Klein Matterhorn, Zermatt 3,883 m.


18:00 Deploying instruments at Museumplein grass field: telescopes, ILEWG lander and Moon Gallery plate
18:30 “Lemonade & moon-tinis served”
19:00 Art Moon Mars / Moon Gallery announcements
19:30 Network picnic
21:30 Space music
22:30 Astronomy involving Concert Gebouw audience from “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” movie accompanied by live orchestra
00:00 Afterparty near Carré