WHEN:    17th of October  10:00 AM

WHERE:     Designerie, Průmyslový palác, Výstaviště 67, Praha 7


Moon Habitat @Designblok

Moon Gallery is honoured to be an invited exhibitor of Desigblok ’19 to give an inspiring dimension to the topic of Design Futures – year theme of Designblok festival. Moon Gallery will set up a Moon Habitat showing exemplary collaboration between artists, designers, scientists and engineers. We will conduct various bridging art and science activities involving public in discussions and creative production during our program of lectures and workshops listed below.


Lecture session on Planetary Exploration Through Art

– Anna Sitnikova & Elizaveta Glukhova (Moon Gallery): How to engage in space sociocultural community?
– Prof. Bernard Foing (European Space Agency): Moon Village for a Sustainable Future
– Jamal Ageli (Royal Academy of Art): “Playing ping pong in space?” – rethinking spacesuit design
– Panel Discussion

Astronomy Night
7.30 PM Oct 17 @THE COURTYARD<br><br>

– To celebrate Apollo 11 anniversary and international year of the Moon after the sunset Moon Habitat invites passersby to observe the Moon, Saturn & Jupiter and share the wonder of astronomy.

Workshop – How to bring an iceberg to the moon?

– One of the biggest challenges of space exploration is a disparity between big ideas and resources for their realization. Join us for a challenge to fit your idea within 1 cubic centimetre.

Moon Habitat

The landscape of experiences called Designerie is the central space of Desingblok dedicated to the year theme – future. It offers interactive installations and accompanying program every day. The central installation of this year Designerie will be a Space Object (image above) designed by Lucie Koldova. Our Moon Habitat will occupy Space Object module and surrounding area. Moon Gallery demo and exhibits, ILEWG lander and telescopes; SOMA space suit concepts developed at the Royal Academy of Art will become a part of the Moon Habitat.

Moon Habitat Team
Curators: Anna Sitnikova, Elizaveta Glukhova, Bernard Foing, Alexander Zaklynsky (gallery founder)

Moon Gallery exhibitors: Mary Kuiper, Thomas Heidtmann, Johan Recen, Studio de Quaasteniet, Minna Philips, Badriah Hamelink, Lisa van Casand, Maria Beaumaster, Sarah Bovelett, Anastasia Izotova, Alexandra Arshanskaya, Dana LaMonda, Studio Samira Boon, Sofia Chin, Arina Livadari.<br>
SOMA Suit exhibitors: Jamal Ageli, Elina Alekseeva, Kirill Noskov, Elisa van Merkesteijn, Alexia Moutaftsi, Stella Stylianou


Designblok – Prague International Design Festival – is the most extensive design exhibition in Central Europe. The festival traditionally shows a selection of works of designers and manufacturers from all over Europe, represents brands and projects of emerging and well-established designers and design studios. Designblok annually attracts more than 50,000 visitors of all ages from the Czech Republic and abroad.

The theme of the 21st Prague International Design Festival will be “Ahoj Future!” addressing environmental aspects and social impact of design processes – paradigm shift from designing objects towards searching for solutions in multidisciplinary teams. Designblok intends to demonstrate what design can do for our better future.

We would like to invite you to become a part of our Moon Habitat >>> visit, follow and share our story! For any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via Email or Facebook.

Design and render of Moon Habitat by Lucie Koldova Studio