WHEN:    16th of April  10:00 AM

WHERE:     The Royal Academy of Art


Workshop @ KABK INSIDE

On the 16th of April we would like to invite you to a EuroMoonMars workshop which will be held at KABK INSIDE Master Interior Architecture space to gather actors from various backgrounds to explore the topic of the MoonVillage. The workshop will be split into three main activities: Talks related to the MoonVillage, splinter work groups on three chosen subjects and a wrap up moon dinner with talks on specific issues linked to the MoonVillage and a Moon base design. After the Kabk workshop there is the opportunity to participate with results in a EuroMoonMars/MoonVillage simulation/workshop at Estec on the 19th and 20th of April.

10.00 – introductions (in the INSIDE Studio space)
– welcome by Bernard Foing of ESA and Hans Venhuizen of KABK
– Bernard Foing – scientist at the European Space Agency, Executive Director of the International Lunar Exploration Working Group and was Principal Project Scientist for SMART-1, the first European mission to the Moon.

Talk about MoonMars Villages: materials, environment, living off the land.

11.00 – Alexander Zaklynsky – EuroMoonMars 2018 researcher and resident.

Talk about the Moon Gallery project and imagining art in 1/6th gravity.

11.10 – inspirational insights/references for 3 topics of the workshop by the workshop guides

Anna Sitnikova – EuroMoonMars 2018 researcher and resident.
Materials – talk about flexible systems and efficient space usage in space architecture
Germaine van der Sanden – EuroMoonMars 2018 researcher and resident.
Atmospheres – talk about environment and human spaceflight
Anastasia Izotova – EuroMoonMars 2018 researcher and resident.
Food in space (resulting in a moon dinner)
11.30 – dividing the students into three groups.
Students work, guided by the EuroMoonMars team, in three groups in the available spaces.
They discuss the topics conditions and sketch on possible design solutions, they draw and
build models and/or do one-on-one try-outs

14.00 – intermediate presentation within the workshop groups

the food group prepares a ‘moon-dinner’

16.00 – finishing the workshops and gathering for the moon dinner

17.00 – moon dinner in three courses with inbetween presentations of the workshop results
Bernard Foing and EuroMoonMars team react to the outcome of the workshops.