WHEN:    17th of July  12:00 AM

WHERE:     Festival Dos Canais, Aveiro


Moon Water Gallery

Moon Water Gallery is a collection of artworks designed to send water to the Moon. As liquid water cannot persist at the Moon’s surface – 10 artists created artifacts that represent water phenomena in non-liquid forms capturing its various meanings to somewhat irrigate the desert-like nature of the “Earth’s eighth continent” and turn it into a more welcoming & alive place.

Participating Artists: Emmanuele Villani, Isabella Douzoglou, Lisa Van Casand, Renato Japi, Alexandra Arshanskaya, Badriah Hamelink, Tuuli Utriainen, Minna Philips, Hans Brooymans, Sofia Chin.

Walkeduct: walk me to the moon: The walkduct project consists of a performance walk through the city, where different artists develop from a theme, a walking narrative, crossing the audience spontaneously to create unique moments at each step.

Walk me to the moon, is a parade based on the theme of lunar walk. Created from the interplay of Bernard Foing, with 15 artists living in the region of Aveiro. Together they developed a walk through the city to collect samples of the territory. Lunar walkers will cross paths with the city and return a micro-cosmic perspective of the place.

The artistic direction is by Caroline Santos, a Brazilian artist residing in Aveiro, together with young people from Aveiro and the European Space Agency astrophysicist Bernard Foing.