Residency for Artists-at-Risk: the Essence of Home

WHEN:    16.05.2022-10.06.2022


The artist in residency programme at the Moon Gallery Foundation offers a unique platform for displaced artists. Solely aimed at Ukrainian refugees relocated to the Netherlands, with previous professional experience in the creative industry, it provides a part-time programme for research (2-3 days per week), experimentation and creative advancement, while in parallel allowing residents to integrate into Dutch society. During the residency artists can engage in activities from our programme, such as lectures, workshops and other opportunities provided by partnering institutions, that inform and inspire their creative process and eventually, develop an artwork to be sent to the Moon as a part of our upcoming payload scheduled for lunar launch in 2025, which until then will be exhibited in The Hague and Amsterdam. As compensation for the artists’ work, there will be an artists’ fee of 1500 euros. 

WANT TO APPLY? Successful applicants for this residency will ideally align with the core aspirations and interests of our organization, that is, a love for art, science and space. They should have a professional position in their creative field, proven by their supporting documents/portfolio. This is vital as they should have enough independent creative experience to benefit from the residential programme, while still integrating into Dutch society. We are particularly interested in curating a diversity of disciplines within our residents, in hope that the different backgrounds will translate to a range of distinctive submissions to the gallery. Having a valid interest in the art-science sector is also a huge bonus, as the core of the gallery’s current payload lies in that area. Most importantly, we wish our residents to be passionate about our mission, and ready to face the stimulating creative challenges ahead, to create an artwork worth traveling to the Moon, while simultaneously reflecting the personality of the artist.

Please ensure your submission is in English, and you have at least limited working proficiency in English (you can converse casually and follow and engage in conversations that don’t involve highly technical or industry-specific terminology. Your grammar, while not perfect, can generally be understood by native and fluent speakers).

To apply please send the following to

  • Name

  • Portrait photo

  • Short motivation (half page) – this can be sent in later after the initial review of the works

  • Portfolio

  • CV

  • Description of your current living situation/status



The open call is closed.