Alban Muret & Tobias Schalm


Swiss & German


Zürich & Aachen



We are engineers and would not dare to call ourselves artists – but we believe that art has the power to deliver messages in a way that science might not be able to.

With this piece of art we hope to show that the moon might be closer than we think and that a common goal and global collaboration can bring us further than we have ever imagined

SUBMISSION: A cube for mankind

With the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first humans landing on the moon a new era of space exploration has begun. Humanity has never been this close to the stars and is currently preparing to colonize celestial bodies. With this new era, space exploration is becoming more and more accessible to all people and not just to a few chosen ones, as it has been in the past. 

To celebrate this new era of space exploration we want to send “humanity” to the moon and into outer space through bits of hair from 50 representatives of mankind. We want to give everyday citizens the chance to travel to the moon – regardless of their gender, age, skin colour, fitness and area of expertise. This symbolic act shall represent and promote the coming leaps in space exploration and human development over the earth’s boarders and show that humanity can unite for a bigger goal. We chose hair for this endeavour, since it contains DNA – the basis for life as we know it and unique to each person. 

Every participant is going to receive a signed certificate stating that he or she is currently on the moon.