Minna Philips




Los Angeles



Minna’s works deal with interconnectivity, time/memory and self-organizing systems. The idea of paradox is a continuous thread that can be found in all her works, reflecting on the enigma of life.


 Building a home All life on Earth is a product of millions of years of trial by nature that has manifested itself as different forms. Life is made by a continuous turning of events, all of which has brought us to this point where humans live on Earth much like a snail abides in its shell. We sense this freedom that we have to move around, that is to say not grounded like a tree, but on a larger scale, we are still bound to this planet much like a mollusk is bound to its shell. A primitive instinct to sustain, to evolve and continue, has us looking to the Moon and beyond for new habitats. We imagine that if the life forms here on Earth can breathe life into other surfaces (such as that of the moon) we could bring new energy to these ‘shells’. As our collective conscience and curiosity grows, so must our shell, much like that of a mollusk.