Jone Suardi




Padova, Italy



Jone Suardi lives in Abano Terme (Padua) where she works as a sculptor and painter.

Graduated in sculpture in 1997 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, she chose the processing of glass to express her sensitivity.  She made several trips abroad and studied costume decoration.  The first act of the procedure followed by Jone Suardi in the artistic operation is to feel the matter, which then shapes creating elegant sinuous shapes both figurative and abstract.  He has created numerous works for competitions and events in the city of Padua and in the province, as well as in some European locations.

SUBMISSION: Profondità Deepness

“In the glass and gold sculpture created for this event, I wanted to express the deep emotion felt fifty years ago experiencing the landing of man on the moon.  I remember thinking that man realizes extraordinary and profound enterprises to discover new universes driven by a strong inner spirituality that manifests itself as a breath of love and hope.  For this reason, I called this work Depth.

The pearl, in its roundness, is an element that recalls the moon, both for its shape and for its mysterious shine.  It is set in a vitreous microsculpture which – with sky tones – recalls the galaxy, the depth of space.  The touch of gold insert symbolizes purity of spirit, evident reference to the theme of the depth of the universe.

When I created this work, I remembered the strong emotion experienced fifty years ago during the live television streaming of man’s landing on the moon. An event that deeply marked my youth, opening doors of hope, asterisks of expectations, future paths of humanity.  Knowing myself contemporary of this extraordinary event still makes me happy and confident in the positive achievements of human enterprises, in the immensity of the sky”.

–  Jone Suardi