Alberta Vita




Padova, Italy



Alberta Vita, born in Italy, received a Masters in Art at the Selvatico Art Institute in Padova, Italy in the specialization on Metal Arts & Goldsmithing. Since 1994 she owns and manages the Contemporary Jewelry Design Studio VITA STUDIO, which hosts and promotes jewellery craftsmanship and research.

She hosted numerous public and private exhibitions and fairs in Italy, and in the most prestigious Museums and Art Galleries all other the world, such as:

  • MOMA, New York, NY
  • BINI, Melbourne, Australia
  • MdG Jewelry, Vicenza, Italy
  • Civicv Museum of Applied and Decorative Arts, Padova, Italy

At the base of Alberta Vita research stands the great teaching of masters of goldsmith such as Mario Pinton, (goldsmith & dean of the L.A. Selvatico), Francesco Pavan, and Giampaolo Babetto, famous all over the world for their art, their work, and for their contribution to the changes and the growth of contemporary jewellery as the jewellery of research.

SUBMISSION: Riflessi Lunari - Moon Reflections

The piece I‘ve created for this amazing event represents the reflection of a woman looking at the moon, while inspired by the hidden mystery of it.

The moon hides a face. That face is a representation of my inner self. My interpretation of the side of the moon that is perceived from my vantage point is of a moon that is concave, as opposed to convex. It’s bright and reflective as are my thoughts and imagination manifested through the art of making jewellery through the years.

During this long isolation period and within the quietness of my own thoughts, I probed my inner self and was acutely aware of where I am and what surrounds me. My idea stems from the reflection of the light that the diamond spreads into a secret space that no one can see. Often the way we manifest ourselves to others is scabrous and rough because of the scars we’ve collected throughout our lives. This is why I’ve scratched the golden surface edges of the cavity of my creation.

If we as human beings were no longer able to communicate with each other, we would only be revealing that scabrous and rough side that surrounds the inner self which often turns into a mask that hides us completely.

Because of this, we must remember that inside of us there’s a light that shines bright. I believe that we should all trust and show that same light as well as seek it in others. That’s just how things are on earth, and I don’t think it would change much if we lived on the moon instead.