WHEN:    22nd of May  01:00 PM

WHERE:     PLNT - Leiden Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship


OUTPOST workshop series

It has been over twenty years since Earth last had all its humans on it. Despite this, space is still mostly inaccessible to the more than 7.5 billion humans who still live on Earth.

The upcoming Outpost workshops will take its participants to the future, where space is open to everyone and today’s space junk is turned into new space stations: the pillars of sustainable space exploration. Outposts will be factories, asteroid mining stations, fuel depots, observatories, or even gardens, libraries and art galleries.

The Outpost workshop series will provide a platform for critical discussions about humanity as a future interplanetary society. The event is made possible by Leids Universiteits Fonds and will take place at PLNT – Leiden Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Join us for a day or for a full 4-day program in presence or remotely: 

Saturday May 22d: Science & Business

Sunday May 23d: Culture & Religion

Saturday May 29th: Human & Robotic exploration: Transport, Technology

Sunday May 30th: Architecture & Environment

Join via Zoom.

Speakers: Bernard Foing, Martijn Leinweber, Dr. Michael Waltemathe, Anna Sitnikova, Elizaveta Glukhova, Smári McCarthy, Mátyás Hazadi, Sabrina Kerber and Marc Heemskerk.

Daily Program:
13:00 – Lecture 1
13:40 – break
13:50 – Lecture 2
14:30 – break & Moon Gallery tour
14:40 – brainstorm
15:40 – hands on workshop
17:00 – wrap up presentations

The event will conclude with the weather balloon launch to symbolically implement the concepts developed during the workshop sessions. Launch date to be announced soon!

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*There is a very limited number of tickets available due to COVID-19. Please reserve your ticket in advance and let us know by May 18th at the latest if you can’t make it. Your ticket will go to the next student in line.