WHEN:    14th of December  04:00 PM

WHERE:     Onze Ambassade Lange Voorhout 102, 2514 EJ Den Haag


Moon Embassy Kerstborrel | Xmas Party

Moon Embassy presents Moon Gallery mission and new works! Join us on this extraterritorial and extraterrestrial piece of self-proclaimed Moon Land to conclude 2019 back on the lunar surface 50 years after the first moonwalkers.

16:00   guests arrival, solar & terrestrial viewing
16:30   ArtMoonMars sound & visual performance ELEMENTALS by Guy Livingston & Alexandra Arshanskaya
17:00   ArtMoonMars MoonGallery talks & workshop
18:00   Moon Gallery exhibition, drinks & telescopes
20:00   Telecon with EMMIHS crew & official Moon Gallery demo opening at the Moon analog & simulation base HI-SEAS, Hawaii