WHEN:    29th of September  11:17 AM

WHERE:     Hague


Microgravity Show — Art the Hague 2021

Moon Gallery at Art the Hague

upcoming exhibition: Microgravity Show
29/09/21 – 03/10/21,  Curated by Niek Schoenmakers

We are excited to announce that we are exhibiting at Art the Hague, joining the Dreamland group exhibtion! We look forward to seeing you there during our Microgravity Show. You will have a unique chance to see artworks for which microgravity is an integral part of their display. Can you imagine a gallery in an orbital free-fall? During Microgravity Show we aim to create an environment, inspired by the International Space Station interior details and 0G conditions, in which we will present artworks of our artists:

Kristina Okan, The Gathering, Mary Kuiper, Studio Samira Boon, Renato Japi, Studio de Quaasteniet, Minna Philips, Maria Beaumaster and Sarah Bovelett, Lisa Van Casand, Lakshmi Mohanbabu, Alexandra Arshanskaya, Adrian Labaut Hernande

The artworks for sale will be presented in a catalog distributed during the fair. By purchasing them, you support Moon Gallery in a fundraising for the ISS Mission.

Come talk to us, and discover more about intersection of art, space and science relations! You can get your ticket here:


Regular tickets € 10

Under 16 free access

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