WHEN:    15th of June  12:00 AM

WHERE:     Gallery AIR (Art.ITMO.Residency) in St. Petersburg


ISS Payload Gallery

As humanity expands into the solar system, so will art. Moon Gallery proposes the first permanent extraterrestrial art gallery extending our cultural dialogue beyond Earth, to the Moon and into deep space. For this mission, we are collecting art pieces that carry important values for humanity not only at this point on Earth but also for a future multi-planetary society. 

In February of 2022 Moon Gallery will carry out its first space flight aboard NG-17 and dock its artistic payload at the International Space Station. “ISS Payload Gallery” shown in St. Petersburg celebrates this endeavour and exhibits a collection of the first shortlisted artefacts and their prototypes at AIR Gallery before dazzling its very first audience in space.

The exhibition is organised in collaboration with ITMO University – Art Science department. The show will be held between the 15th and 19th of June 2021 in parallel with our GLEX program. The event will conclude with a mini-conference and a workshop instigating dialogue and fueling interdisciplinary exchange between Space Sciences, Technology and Arts. The event is supported by the delegates of GLEX 2021 – Global Space Exploration Conference and IAF (International Astronautical Federation) Technical Activities Committee for the Cultural Utilisation of Space (ITACCUS).

Opening hours: 12:00-21:00 from 15th to 19th June

15th of June – Moon Gallery exhibition opening at Gallery AIR & Youth Day at Planetarium No. 1 

18th of June at 18:30 – Mini Space Conference & Moon Gallery workshop at Gallery AIR

Exhibition pieces: 

Marcus Neustetter – A Letter to SumbandilaSat

Ine Poppe – Molars for the Moon

Lorenzo Viscidi Bluer – Water on the Moon

Kristina Okan – SEED

The Gathering – How to measure a planet?

Francesca Andreozzi – EARTH and MOON SMELL: Could lunar dust smell different?

Annamaria Zanella – THE CELL

Alberta Vita – Riflessi Lunari – Moon Reflections

Niek Verschoor – (Last) Bullet

Renzo Pasquale – THE GOLD CUBE

Téa Boyarchuk – cat_purringcomfort.mp3

Mateja Šušteršič Dimic & Eva Petric – DBE A Message from Earth

Lakshmi Mohanbabu – CUBE OF INTERACTION

Aneta Zeleznikova – A LOVE NOTE


Tuuli Utriainen – Frozen dream

Andy Gracie – LAC3B_g10 reinsertion 2

Emmanuele Villani – Moon Drops

Gabriele Lorusso – The two marbles

Hady Milani – ELEMENTO

Eduardo Kac – Adsum

Mai Wada & Anastasia Kokori – When the rose petal travels to the moon.

Priyanka Das Rajkakati – Bhédadīpikā – An Illustration of Duality

Sophie Hooghiemstra, Caroline Hooghiemstra, Hansje Hooghiemstra & Vera Hooghiemstra – Linkage

Mary Kuiper – Sending Mitochondrial DNA to the Moon

Studio Samira Boon – Sprout – HORTUS BIONICA

Renato Japi – Star Drop

Minna Philips – Memory

Hans Brooymans – SUBSTRUCTION

Martin Sjardijn – Black Box

Guy Livingston – The Ash Is Your Mirror

Thomas Heidtmann – Ida & Dactyl

Studio de Quaasteniet – Restoring the Geophysical Dynamics of the Earth < > Moon Relationship

Maria Beaumaster and Sarah Bovelett – Artemis 11

Alexandra Arshanskaya – Vanishing Point

Lisa Van Casand – Petrichor

Dana LaMonda – To the Moon and Back and Back again?

Jone Suardi – Profondità Deepness