WHEN:    19th of July  08:00 PM

WHERE:     Hofmattstrasse 43920 Zermatt, Switzerland



Join us and explore art projects inspired by water-ice on the Moon and by the thrive for human exploration at Vernissage Art Gallery, Zermatt 19-30 June.

Moon Gallery plate prototype with miniature artworks and artifacts will become a part of the IGLUNA habitat in ice demonstrator. It will be mounted on the exterior of the ILEWG lunar lander deployed on the surface of Matterhorn Glacier.

IGLUNA, the first ESA_Lab demonstrator project, is organized by the Swiss Space Centre. This project brings together 20 teams from 9 countries collaborating to build “A Human Habitat in Ice: Demonstrating key enabling technologies for life support in frozen worlds”. Moon Gallery project on behalf of ILEWG (International Lunar Exploration Working Group) will provide public outreach during IGLUNA lunar mission and foster a strong collaboration between different science, engineering, art & design disciplines to support “international cooperation towards a world strategy for the exploration and utilization of the Moon – our natural satellite” (International Lunar Workshop, Beatenberg (CH), June 1994).


Exhibition days: 19 − 30 June
Inauguration: 19 June, 20:00 – 22:00
Opening hours: 17:00 (14:00 from the 25.06) – 23:00

Side events:

Friday 21 June Astronomy Evening
22.30 – 00.00 @Wiese Zen Stecken
Monday 24 June Inauguration Glacier Palace Exhibition
14.00 – 16.00 @Glacier Palace – Klein Matterhorn.

Preorder Moon Gallery Zermatt patch to support Moon Gallery project! Patch design by Jorick de Quaasteniet & Elizaveta Glukhova.

Participating artists:

Badriah Hamelink, Hans Brooymans, Johan Recén Larsson, Maria Polushkina, Minna Philips, Alban Muret, Tobias Schalm, Renato Japi, Zuza Banasinska, Sofia Chin, Mary Kuiper, Jorick de Quaasteniet, Dana LaMonda, Alexandra Arshanskaya, Daria Kozhina, Alexander Zaklynsky, Studio Samira Boon, Anna Sitnikova, Mark Ijzerman, Thomas Heidtmann, Sarah Bovelett, Maria Beaumaster, Arina Livadari, Anastasia Izotova.

With an atmospheric soundscape by Attie Bauw.