WHEN:    19th of April  05:41 PM

WHERE:     LuxExpo The Box, Luxembourg


Elements Exhibition x Space Resources Week

From 19th till 21st of April the annual Space Resource Week will be held in Luxembourg, it is an event organised by European Space Resources Innovation Centre, Luxembourg Space Agency, ESA and Luxembourg Institute of Science & Technology. Its main goal is brainstorming ways to develop an ecosystem of space resources utilisation that is both inclusive and efficient. The event will feature speakers from different areas that are crucial to making such a system: scientists, economists, lawyers, and business professionals. We believe this event to be both important and motivational and invite you to join(online or irl).

Our exhibition “Elements” will also be a part of the program. Many Moon Gallery artists have been exploring the value of materials (elements) in the context of human exploration and space. The exhibition will explore which materials artists are launching to space and why. It will also feature Moon Gallery’s demo payload.

Featured works: 

Verdant by Lisa Pettibone; Copper Cosmos by Aoife van Linden Tol; Sprout by Studio Samira Boon; Cleanest Air by Daniel Michalik; The Traces of Humanity by Anna Kakhiani; Restoring the Geophysical Dynamics of the Earth < > Moon Relationship by Jorick de Quaasteniet; Substruction by Hans Brooymans; Water on the Moon by Lorenzo Viscidi Bluer; Earth and Moon smell: Could lunar dust smell different? by Francesca Andreozzi; Formations of the Cup and the Rock by Elina Alekseeva;


April 19th
09:00-19:30 Latest developments in the field of space resources

April 20th

09:00 – 18:30 Resources utilisation

April 21st
09:00 – 14:30 Resources extraction