Moon Gallery Open Call #4
Exploring the Limits

WHEN:    10.04.2020 - 31.08.2021


Exploring the Limits

One of the great purposes of art is to reflect on the surrounding world and to help us cope with the challenges it is putting us through. Art can suggest ways to overcome this crisis we’re facing today.

In the upcoming weeks, while we’re training for life in isolation here on Earth, we invite you to think about our future as spacefaring species in a far more extremely isolated environment – the Moon. What are the crucial qualities we need to obtain and can train for in order to inhabit the environment with so many limitations and what those limitations can inspire us for?

Via this open call, we invite art projects and artifacts inspired by the topics of isolation, contamination, states of emergency, anxiety and solidarity. We are seeking submissions that would contribute to the reflection on the current world crisis, but also that could look beyond it and appeal to the universal values. 

The required format of proposals remains unchanged – the final piece has to fit within one cubic centimetre cell. A selection of 100 cubic centimetre pieces will be integrated in a 10 by 10 grid of the Moon Gallery and will be launched to the Moon as early as 2022.

We very much look forward to seeing your ideas! Preselected submissions will be presented during upcoming Moon Gallery exhibitions and conferences and in a virtual gallery space.



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