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Moon Gallery: ISS Payload



A Letter to SumbandilaSat

Marcus Neustetter

After about 10 years of collaborating with and attempting to engage the defunct lonely orbiting ambassador, Sumbandila Satellite, Marcus Neustetter would like to send her a letter via the Moon Gallery. As the name Sumbandila means "lead the way” in Venda language, the letter asks her to Lead the way again.


Molars for the Moon

Ine Poppe

MoonMolarImplant, the object in the Moon Gallery, will not only serve as a spare part for a potential dental problem for astronauts, but it also represents the cultural history related to our teeth. Dentistry is a challenge in space. On longer journeys in space, the absence of gravity has been shown to cause bone loss and that also goes for our jaws and teeth. We need to chew, wherever we are.


Water on the Moon

Lorenzo Viscidi Bluer

With an innovative process, after various experiments, the artist was able to harness drops of water in the Plexiglas. The incredible thing is that in a minimum space the water has created its own sky. The immense and the minimum have a common root, the drops of water become stars. The artwork emphasizes the importance of water for all forms of life. It is a fundamental element for the emergence of life, our existence, and well-being.



Kristina Okan

SEED is a porcelain sculpture, created from a real lemon seed. It symbolizes the feeling of anticipation and wonder. The seed, made with Earth’s soil, will fly to the Moon to encounter our satellite’s water reserves, serving as a memento of mankind’s resolution of establishing the next settlement in our voyage through the cosmos.


How to measure a planet?

The Gathering

We should not forget about the importance of the exactness of science: to measure is to know. The tiny digital version of 'How to Measure a Planet' will bring music (sound waves) from planet earth to the moon. And although it cannot be played/listened to on the moon itself, due to a lack of oxygen overt here, it can be carried out elsewhere.


EARTH and MOON SMELL: Could lunar dust smell different?

Francesca Andreozzi

The Fava Foundation suggests including a transparent cube with a sample of the earth taken from a property confiscated to the mafia, today known as Scida’s Garden. Because of its violent history, the earth of that garden smelled of gunpowder, just like lunar dust does. Rehabilitating that soil could represent the goal of turning the harsh lunar environment into a hospitable place where to bring our culture and a sustainable environment, free of injustice, violence and corruption.



Annamaria Zanella

The cells of the human body are interconnected and give life to the individual. In daily life, all of humanity is interconnected through the internet and social media. The net, used with intelligence, will unite the inhabitants of the earth and the moon. The Cell reminds us of the constellations of Giotto in the Chapel of Scrovegni in Padova, built with precious materials always used by artists to represent the sacred and the spiritual. It also reminds us that we are part of the Universe, notwithstanding our limits.


Moon Reflections

Alberta Vita - Riflessi Lunari

The piece represents the reflection of a woman looking at the moon, while inspired by the hidden mystery of it. The moon hides a face; that face being a representation of the inner self. Often the way we manifest ourselves to others is scabrous and rough because of the scars we’ve collected throughout our lives. We must remember that inside of us there’s a light that shines brightly that we should all trust and show as well as seek it in others. That’s just how things are on earth, and I don’t think it would change much if we lived on the moon instead.


(Last) Bullet

Niek Verschoor

Now is the time that we, people living on our tiny blue dot in space, should have the courage to send the last bullet up to the moon as a horrifying monument, an awkward remembrance of never ever shooting at each other again. Last Shot at the Moon is a monument of the last bullet, founded in commemoration of all the known and unknown victims of violence all over the globe. In placing this last bullet fired on earth as a token on the face of the moon we, inhabitants of this planet, strongly confirm the intention not to export our acts of violence to other planets.



Renzo Pasquale

“GOLD CUBE” pays homage to Culture and Art in all its multitudes. “GOLD CUBE” reflects on the places where science is taught: the University as a hub that transmits universal knowledge. The main side of the golden cube is dedicated to the famous Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei; with this artwork, he will look at the Earth from the Moon. The Moon will become the new starting point for future discoveries that are fundamental for human life, but we should always imagine the future without forgetting about the past.



Téa Boyarchuk

Companionship with non-human animal species has been a central tenet of human existence and development. We keep pets alongside us as friends and treasured family members. Non-human companions have been with us in many steps of evolution, so why not translate this aspect into the next steps that lie ahead in our trajectory? This work consists of a waveform of a cat’s purr; content and happy vibrations suspended within the cube. The presence of the purr seeks to remind the viewer of these soothing moments, a reprieve from the expanse of space and a return to something familiar.


DBE A Message from Earth

Mateja Šušteršič Dimic & Eva Petric

The connection between fragrance and emotions is a very strong one in humans. Science revealed that fragrance can connect us to our deepest memories. ‘DBE – A Message from Earth’ scented soil cube from EuroMoonMars mission at Hawaii’s SEAS base is an emotion tuner, tuning us with the Earthling in us wherever we are, even in space.



Lakshmi Mohanbabu

The mandala as a cosmic diagram best embodies our relationship to the infinite, the world that extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds. It appears in all aspects of life from the Atom, our Galaxy, the Universe, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the circles of life to our interactions with friends, family and communities. As a representation of racial harmony and interaction, this creation has elements of ideals such as the singularity of the self, the duality of complementary sides, the trinity of creation, preservation and destruction to the plurality in our beliefs.



Ronald Vles

In old Asian cultures as well as in ancient Southeastern Europe the ceremony of becoming blood brothers was generally seen to bring about an alliance between tribes as well as friendship in general. Any ceremony, whether it consists of intertwining arms or for instance joining heads, as the Maoris do, will express the friendship between peoples and religions and give the same strong signal. This piece brings together in friendship humankind, represented by various old peoples and religions. These blood brother like ceremonies and the little heart must be seen as a strong symbol that all people on earth should be connected.


Frozen dream

Tuuli Utriainen

Like waves on water, dreams are born in the human mind emerging from and dissolving into the sea of the unconscious. The boat as the dream object represents human determination, being on a long journey together and its connection to water that is not present, but that is in the coming, a belief in the future.


LAC3B_g10 reinsertion 2

Andy Gracie

LAC3B_g10 replica is a 5mm long replica of a piece of comet hand-carved from meteorite NWA8131, a 39.8g carbonaceous chondrite meteorite discovered in North West Africa in 2013. Officially named and catalogued as LAC3B_grain10, the origin of this tiny piece of material is probably in interstellar dust clouds that pre-date the formation of our Sun. In the main work, a replica is filmed rotating against a 'blackest black' background. For this project, it gets a step closer to being once again in space.


Moon Drops

Emmanuele Villani

Living without water is a big issue in a Moon habitat. Moon Drops aim to reach an artistic performance, a sustainable environmental challenge, give fresh water and air, and also contain an urban scenic approach. Moon Drops is a fountain, in a glass bubble, working as an air purifier and moon city urban decoration.


The two marbles

Gabriele Lorusso

A mission in space does not only need to ensure the physical wellbeing of the members of the crew, but it also needs to ensure their mental wellness. Consequentially the sustainability of future human settlements on the moon or on any other celestial body must be measured also in terms of emotional sustainability. In this sense encouraging the connection between the motherland (earth) and the new colonies is an important step for the development of new habitats. ‘The two marbles’ is exactly this, the creation of two totems that live separate from each other, but which creation is related, they are born to be related.



Hady Milani

ELEMENTO is a tiny sphere made out of 120 equal facets in which are contained samples of all the elements that can be found naturally on Earth. All packed, with info along with each sample, in what resembles the Earth itself and would be an element-bank on the Moon. The main purpose of this project is to have a history and a safe recovery of all the natural elements that form and happen to be found on Earth.



Eduardo Kac

This piece is a cubic acrylic sculpture inside of which letters are laser engraved. The letters form a spatial poem inside the solid acrylic cube. This spatial poem, entitled "Adsum" (“I am present” in Latin), expresses the eventual emergence of a noosphere on the moon, as a result of the establishment of a future Moon Village. By providing a peaceful and contemplative experience, this sculpture will contribute to the well-being of the Moon Village residents.


When the rose petal travels to the moon.

Mai Wada & Anastasia Kokori

By following the story of the little prince, a rose is also needed at the Moon. However, the Moon doesn’t have the conditions that are essential for life. Humans that will travel to the Moon to carry out research/work, will start missing anything that feels like home, our precious Earth. The idea of our project is to send an artificial rose petal with the scent of the rose with the aim of bringing a familiar smell to the lunastronauts.


Bhédadīpikā - An Illustration of Duality

Priyanka Das Rajkakati

‘Bhédadîpikä’ is an illustration of the Dual nature of our Universe, exploring the limits of a 1 cubic centimetre box and discovering infinite possibilities.



Sophie Hooghiemstra, Caroline Hooghiemstra, Hansje Hooghiemstra & Vera Hooghiemstra

If we want to cultivate the moon, do not damage it and take good care of it. Let us be good to the moon because we only have one. Let us use our creativity, science, ethics, good values and common sense to make a prudent start with all the knowledge we have of sustainability so our legacy is one to be proud of! Should it ever come to the situation when we mine and export valuable rare materials of the moon, let us be careful in getting access to them and not destroy the environment.


Sending Mitochondrial DNA to the Moon

Mary Kuiper

Horsehair shaped into an infinite circle containing power at a cellular level, will be used as a vehicle to send mitochondrial DNA to the moon. This circle and its hidden power are to remind future generations about the human urge to leave the nest and expand their horizon into the universe.



Studio Samira Boon

We want to send Sprout to the Moon. It is a high-performance, digitally woven textile species incorporating the structural nature of origami to offer smart options for human habitat in the adverse environment of space.


Star Drop

Renato Japi

Star Drop is a Borosilicate glass sculpture that plays with the notion of glass being at the same time liquid and solid, organic and geometric. It will bring some of the earth's elements and protons to the moon and then it will absorb the light from there.



Minna Philips

The proposed cube has a hole cut into it in the shape of a cone and is evocative of a piddock’s home. There is a narrower end and a wider opening which symbolizes the future and the past respectively, and the dynamic process of life in between. It is as though we have to trace our steps backwards in order to look to the future. In our quest for habitats beyond Earth, we follow our memories, we follow the forms that were left as traces, clues to what used to be and what can be.



Hans Brooymans

This Moon Gallery proposal consists of one cubic centimeter of tufa, a stone material used to build the classical Mediterranean aqueducts, as a metaphor for the essence of infrastructure.


Black Box

Martin Sjardijn

‘Black Box’ starting from zero, in zero, via virtual reality to the first extraterrestrial weightless sculptures. ‘Black Box’ is meant to evoke the experience of immaterial new objectivity in the emptiness of liberated cultural space.


The Ash Is Your Mirror

Guy Livingston

l am intending to write a text about the worst accomplishments of man – wars and cruelty. I might write the text on a large sheet of paper, in a spiral, outside, at night in the moonlight. And then burn it.


Ida & Dactyl

Thomas Heidtmann

The cubic Moon Gallery becomes a container for a universe of reflections. Ida & Dactyl is a symbolic statement for the uniquely human behaviour of evaluating experiences: evoking questions about our intentions, relations, and the consequences of our actions on a global scale and beyond.


Restoring the Geophysical Dynamics of the Earth Moon Relationship

Studio de Quaasteniet

What happens when we only take from the Moon and don’t give back? Will we disturb the equilibrium that has kept our moon in orbit around the planet that we inhabit? If so, what could be the consequences? To avoid this, I propose to somewhat restore the balance by returning a small amount of aluminum, one of the most common metals in both the Earth’s and the Moon’s surface, back to the Moon.


Artemis 11

Maria Beaumaster and Sarah Bovelett

A woman has never been to the Moon. Not only were we historically left out of the space race that placed 6 Apollo Missions on the Moon, but we have also been left out of cultural documentation to such an extent that it can only be said to have been meticulously done. Allow us to be clear when we say that we know we are reactionary but we are forthright: we want to put a woman on the Moon.


Vanishing Point

Alexandra Arshanskaya

Perspective representation helps to convey spatial perception, where a vanishing point is a point to which parallel lines not parallel to the image plane appear to converge. Oil painting ‘Vanishing Point’ represents a vanishing point in an almost abstract way and was inspired by a realistic view of a channel in a Dutch city. For the Moon Gallery project, the painting is located inside a cube and its image is continuing along the inner sides of the cube to exaggerate the spatial perception and illusion of infinity.



Lisa Van Casand

Petrichor is the smell that arises during rainfall produced by a symphony of bacteria, chemical compounds and natural phenomena that exist everywhere on our planet and is therefore known by everyone on earth. The Petrichor perfume locked in an ampoule, that can only be snapped open once, will serve as a memory of life on our planet.


To the Moon and Back and Back again?

Dana LaMonda

Women give life to this world. She is the embodiment of the cycle of life and ensures our survival on this planet. My choice is to send one of my photographs of a woman to the moon. A laser will reduce the picture to particles of matter and transform the image into stardust. Like stardust, she is an essential link in the chain of creation.


Profondità Deepness

Jone Suardi

This piece expressed the deep emotion felt fifty years ago experiencing the landing of man on the moon. The pearl, in its roundness, is an element that recalls the moon, both for its shape and for its mysterious shine. It is set in a vitreous microsculpture which - with sky tones - recalls the galaxy, the depth of space. The touch of gold insert symbolizes purity of spirit, evident reference to the theme of the depth of the universe.