Johan Recén Larsson




The Hague



Discussing the serendipity of the first fire in relation to the human spirits nature for exploration, and how our next step in our scientific endeavor requires us to reconsider certain fundamental axioms that clash with our primal urges for spirituality.

Johan Recén Larsson is currently a student of Interior Architecture at The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Many of his works are inspired by a kind of natural romanticism in observing the beauty in the world and translating that inspiration into an interior architecture that can be walked through as a multisensory experience with a great focus on the combination of music and architecture. 

SUBMISSION: The human spirit

The sculpture resembles the structure of an archetypal fire. The discovery of fire gave rise to the first assembly of humankind, to their first deliberations, and to their union in a state of society. I want my sculpture to remind of our humble beginnings as we venture beyond the fire in the ethos of discovery. Space is sublime in its beauty because it strikes both fear and awe. It is what created us but also what has the power to destroy us. It is the human spirit of exploration to confront the majestic and terrifying powers of nature to render life more certain. With the word “spirit” in Latin meaning “breath” we must blow on the embers, to keep the fire of the human spirit alive. For the future civilizations on the moon and beyond.