Jocelino Rodrigues & Ivo Fonseca







Have you ever imagined a worlds where commonplace interstellar travel is possible? What would that mean for human relationships? How would the conception of lunar settlements affects our romantic attachments? Would it differ from the patterns of contemporary life on Earth? Would it bring us together or push us apart?

SUBMISSION: Vôo Sem Retorno (one-way flight)

Our proposal for the Moon Gallery project presents a thought experiment through aesthetic and sonic media.

Vôo Sem Retorno (one-way flight) is an original song accompanied by an animated music video that not only questions our current conceptions of long-distance relationships, but also how they may be experienced differently if given the option to escape it all. 

Reminiscent of Arthur C. Clarke’s novel ” If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth”, the central image of the cube is existential in nature and prompts future lunar inhabitants to not estrange themselves from the memory of their home planet – even after orchestrating their romantic escape.

While the song is in Portuguese, the cube’s artwork includes translations of the song’s title in various languages – and the video correspondingly includes subtitled translations of the lyrics to contribute to the goal of global representation on the Moon.