Joao Prates




The Hague, Netherlands



João Prates is Brazilian. He completed his Masters of Photography (MA) at the Sir John Cass Faculty of Arts, Architecture and Design at Metropolitan University in London in 2013. Over the years, he exhibited in London, São Paulo, Breda, The Hague and Amsterdam. João’s work is a celebration of the Tulip, Delft Blue china and the Amazon Forest!

His work is available in Brazil through Galleria Sergio Goncalves in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. He participates every two year in the Open Atelier Weekend in the Hague and his works were sold through a gallery in The Hague until before Corona. The artist is soon making his work available through his website. In November 2021, João hopes to exhibit at De Mimis Gallery in Amsterdam. João’s work is in corporate and private collections in various cities in the Netherlands as well as in London, Geneva, Houston, Rio de Janeiro and Kuwait. He lives in The Hague, the Netherlands.


“Golden Tulips and Floral Brazil”, features two photographs facing outward inside a cube. The photographs include peach coloured Dutch tulips against a contrasting black background, along with a second photograph of wilderness in the Brazilian Rainforest. Prates chose these images to reflect the two elements that directly influenced him as an artist – the country where he lives and the country where he was born. The tulip, a symbol of the Netherlands, is not only a natural phenomenon, but a result of joint creativity between Man and Nature. It is an endearing example of how fruitful and harmonious this union can be. Conversely, Prates cites Brazil and its wild nature for his energy and creativity. With the combined flora photography, Prates highlights their magic and makes the audience consider how we can establish balance with nature.