Daniel Michalik







Dr. Daniel, the “Skyentist”, is a researcher, photographer, and explorer. In 2017, he spent one winter in the cold polar night at the geographic south pole, Antarctica. There he took pictures of breathtaking auroras and the scarce winter landscape. Daniel’s moon gallery proposal symbolizes how humanity comes together as one, to explore and to research, both in Antarctica and in space.



Humanity is reaching for space. What kind of future do we want to bring with us? The dirt and dust, the wars and blood, the tsunamis and radiation?
I propose to bring only the best we can muster: the cleanest air on Earth. A perfect first puzzle piece for a civilization that dreams of one day living on other planets.

On August 13, 2017 I took an air sample at the Geographic South Pole, Antarctica. It was obtained in the clean air sector of Amundsen-Scott South Pole station, about 500 meters upwind from the main station building.
The clean air sector aims to reduce any influence from the station onto air quality measurements. Vehicle traffic is prohibited and pedestrian movements are limited to a minimum. The prevailing winds at the South Pole are typically from the clean air sector, meaning they bring air that has travelled thousands of kilometres over pristine unpolluted terrain. It is considered the cleanest air on Earth.

We are producing a miniature glass vial to be part of the moon gallery. It will be filled with air from the clean air sample. We will share our best air with the Moon and future generations that might set foot on it again.