Alexander Zaklynsky


Iceland / Ukraine


The Hague



Breaking the two and three dimensional fields of traditional art into the fourth dimension is a primary drive in my creative process. Infusing these fields with aesthetic resonance is the goal. Expression, abstraction, representation and spatialism converge in my work through meditative explorations of perspective, color and structure. I aim to build physical and visual stimuli into multi sensory experiences that lead the viewer to a state of reflection and pause. My work navigates the contemporary landscape establishing platforms from which to gain new perspectives.

In my paintings I work with collaging photographic and designed elements, layering combinations of color, patterns and stenciled imagery. I work with a broad range of media and techniques, using my paintings as stepping stones into atmospheric sculptures and audio/visual installations. I incorporate various themes in my work, from ancient mythologies, my own heritage, new media and societal trends to investigations of art and its presentation in contemporary culture. I develop my art through a studio practice of collaboration, research, exploration and experimentation. In exploring the creative process I search for ways to achieve an aesthetic balance with conceptual and visual clarity.

Artists that inspire my explorations are Kandinsky, Rothko, Klimt, and above all Turrell. Kandinsky pursued symbolizing synesthetic ideologies while Turrell can be viewed as a scientist of light pushing the boundaries of synesthestic perception. A major theme in my work and research is synesthesia and its various manifestations in theory, practice and function in contemporary society. These artists entertained to various degrees synesthetic tendancies, not necessarily in the physical / mental manifestation, but in the idea that the total art work must synthesis multiple modalities of the arts into a new experiential media. New media has vastly broadened the landscape of the human condition through an almost ubiquitous and immediate interconnectedness, how does this effect our condition and has the total art work evolved into a total new media or a goliath of the subconscious?


The Tetrahelix is a linear stack of tetrahedrons.

The Tetrahedron is the simplest of platonic solids and a symbol of Emergence. Three points on a plane can pin-point a position in space. A 4th point on a different plane shows volume.
The Tetrahelix is an infinite string of stacked tetrahedra. No two tetrahedra will have the same orientation. This is because the helical pitch per cell is not a rational fraction of the circle. This is also why it has an interesting relationship with PI.
This work for the Moon Gallery symbolizes Kepler’s thought that “there exists a very common geometry in the Universe. From Universe to smallest particle of matter, everything is under violent effect of this common geometry.”
This little piece of Infinity will be 3d printed in titanium and plated in gold.